Online Services

Online Reservation System

Our online B2B reservation system is an one stop shop for all your individual bookings in Greece. Through our platform you gain access to more than 12,000 properties in Greece, amongs which 3,000 self contracted hotels, 4,000 hotels coming from specialised local agencies in various destinations of Greece and more than 5,000 hotels from third party suppliers.

We also propose our transfer services from all main Airports and Ports of Greece, for which we use our self owned fleet, or we get them directly from local agents.

Whether your clients interest are in Classical Greece or gastronony or are an activity fan, a vast choice of Activities and excursions are available to cover every range and taste.

If you wish to get access to our B2B platform, then please fill in our registration form on the link below and very soon one of your agents will contact to provide an agreement, as well as your unique entrance codes.

It is also possible to request connectivity via API in order to feed your platform with our products.